What Is Trauma Therapy?

What Is Trauma Therapy?

While challenge and difficulty are a reality of the human condition, some of us must also navigate traumatic experiences.

Trauma takes many forms: a physically or emotionally abusive relationship, motor vehicle accident, rape, sudden loss of a loved one, or war.

When a person experiences trauma, understanding of self, others, or the world can change – sometimes substantially and quickly. In the aftermath of a traumatic experience, trauma survivors can report difficulty feeling safe or secure, increased symptoms of anxiety or depression, sleep disturbance, or behavioral changes unsettling to loved ones.

How Does Trauma Therapy Work?

If you have experienced trauma, the idea of psychotherapy to revisit that experience can feel overwhelming; however, trauma therapy is an experience that, while challenging, can also be empowering. With the help of a qualified psychologist, therapist, or counselor past events can be more completely processed, a change that can produce a more effective relationship with traumatic memories, thoughts, and emotions thereby stripping the traumatic event of its power.

Some of the goals of trauma therapy are:

  • More completely processing a traumatic experience
  • Decreasing intensity of symptoms of depression, anxiety, or posttraumatic stress
  • Improving day-to-day functioning
  • Regaining personal power
  • Learning new skills to increase quality of life

If you or a person you care about has experienced trauma know that change, growth, and healing are possible. There are strategies to help process pain and build a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Working with a skilled, experienced psychologist, therapist, or counselor can also be helpful. If you are interested in therapy to treat your trauma history, I invite you to call or email me to get started working together. Telehealth appointments are available.


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