The Importance of Community

The Importance of Community

Mental health significantly impacts quality of life and so it makes sense we would prioritize working to improve our relationship with our mind and body. Such efforts could include working to eat healthier foods, exercising more consistently, or obtaining quality sleep each night.

In addition to the above, a sometimes overlooked factor contributing to our well-being is a sense of belonging to community. Humans are hardwired for social connection. When we feel connected to others, we feel loved and supported and tend to describe our lives as more meaningful and purpose-driven.

Loneliness is a stress state and, similar to other stress states like hunger or thirst, its negative impacts grow in prominence when chronic in nature.

If you have been feeling alone below are some ideas to begin to experiment with finding a community and connecting authentically with others.

Go With What Interests You

What activities and hobbies do you have? You may consider joining a book club or taking a painting lesson. If you’re athletic or accustomed to playing a sport in school, joining a local intramural team could be of benefit. You will perhaps find it easier to connect with others who enjoy doing the same things as you.


Being of service to others can be highly rewarding. Volunteering can be a productive way to connect with others who share similar values. Which causes are energizing to you? Which charities do you support? Inquiring with organizations aligned with your passions or values could produce volunteer opportunities.

Connect With Something Bigger Than Yourself

Is there a spiritual practice with which you find resonance? Is there a political cause that speaks to your heart? Helping others reach a meaningful goal can be a path to finding purpose in one’s life. Humans are not meant to be alone. We require high quality connections with other humans to thrive.

Working with a skilled, experienced psychologist, therapist, or counselor can help uncover factors contributing to social isolation as well as increase awareness and use of adaptive skills to begin to change this reality.

If you are interested in further exploring your mental health concerns, I invite you to call or email me to get started working together. Telehealth appointments are available.


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