At Home Family Physical Fitness Ideas

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At Home Family Physical Fitness Ideas

As families continue to shelter in place together, it can be challenging to navigate the stress and stay in shape. Exercising as a family is one way families can, at once, cope more adaptively with pandemic-related stressors and maintain physical health. What follows are ideas for families to exercise together without the resource of a public/private gym. Make Fitness A...[ read more ]

Food And Fitness During COVID-19

If we had been told a year ago we would be contending with a global pandemic – one resulting in substantial limitations to the routines of our days, weeks, and seasons – there likely would have been significant skepticism expressed in response to such a prediction. And yet, here we are. While some communities are more open than others, there...[ read more ]

Learning To Like Exercise

Dislike exercising? You are definitely not alone. At any time during the year, thousands of folks across the country commit to working out only to fall off the wagon weeks later. Why does exercising feel so hard and can you learn to like it more? Exercise feels like a chore perhaps because of misconceptions surrounding this behavior. One option to...[ read more ]