The Truth About Perfectionism


The Truth About Perfectionism

We live in a society that values the appearance of perfection. While there is opportunity to obtain apparent perfection - perhaps architects can draw a perfectly straight line, mathematicians can solve an equation with a perfect calculation, or a chocolate cake can be perfectly moist, humans can never achieve a state of actual perfection because we are a perpetual work...[ read more ]

4 Ways To Effectively Manage Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety, the experience of a racing heart, starting to sweat, and perhaps a strong urge to escape from your current situation might be familiar. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness in the United States affecting approximately 40 million adults. While our mind might...[ read more ]

Healthy Tools To Navigate Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural dialogue between mind and body. The presence of anxiety is an indication that something might be going on in our environment requiring our attention. Anxiety can be an uncomfortable, but fleeting feeling that pops up on occasion during particularly stressful times. For some, anxiety may be more frequently present and color more of one's daily life....[ read more ]

Coping With COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety

If you are like most people, you are doing your best to stay calm during COVID-19 pandemic. But that can feel incredibly difficult at times. When not worrying about the health of friends or loved one, there is also the conflicting information provided by the media and the economic ramifications of the virus that have people on edge. Everyone reacts...[ read more ]